Yosina (The Floating Marine Education Center)


About Yosina

Yosina is a 16 m long renovated fishing boat whose mission is to deliver marine conservation education in Indonesia.

Owned and operated by Lembaga JARI, Yosina works primarily in Lombok and Sumbawa. She visits coastal schools and communities, to deliver free marine conservation education programs. The goals of these programs are to increase knowledge of marine ecosystems and biodiversity, to increase understanding of human influences (such as overfishing, marine debris, and climate change), and to work with local communities to implement conservation action.

The school and community education programs are financed by Yosina’s marine conservation eco-tourism programs. These provide opportunities for participants (Indonesian or international) to learn about the biodiversity of Indonesia’s waters, the threats they face, and play an active role in their conservation.

Meet the Yosina Crew

Pak Amin –Yosina’s Captain has many years of experience as a fisherman, in the tourism industry, and working on dive boats in Flores. He lives in East Lombok with his wife and children right on the edge of the water where Yosina is docked when she is not running her programs.

Pak Mahrup– Boat Maintenance Manager. Pak Mahrup has an important role to play to ensure that Yosina is operating well, ensuring a regular maintenance schedule and employing people to fix her if necessary.

Hani Nusantari – Education Program Manager. Hani is one of the founders of Lembaga JARI, has a masters degree in Environmental Education from New Zealand and many years experience teaching and developing teaching materials.

Taufik Hizbul (Boen) Haq – Ecotour Program Manager.Boen has spear-headed swimming and diving education in Indonesia, and has a wealth of knowledge about marine ecosystems throughout Indonesia, but especially in Lombok and Sumbawa. He founded and operatedRinjani Divers, whose main market was Indonesian and international tourists,  for many years

Soel Haq–Ecotour Guide. Soel is Boen’s brother, and worked together with him at Rinjani Divers. He is a very experienced dive master and teacher and has a passion for the ocean.

Bahri Rahmat – Community Organizer. Bahri is also passionate about the ocean, and about working with local communities to improve the sustainability of their relationship with marine ecosystems.


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