Sister Schools

JARI’s Sister Schools program began in 2011 between SDN 3 Sugian in East Lombok, Indonesia, and St. Joseph’s Primary School in Crib Point, Victoria, Australia. The program encourages students to share their cultures and work together on projects, with a focus on marine education about mangrove forests.

In 2014, a further two schools were added to the program, with a partnership forming between SDN 8 Sugian in East Lombok and Our Lady of Fatima in Rosebud, Victoria.

As part of the program, a number of teachers from Australia have visited their sister schools in Lombok and the hope is that Indonesian teachers will also get the opportunity to visit their sister schools in Australia.

Program Objectives

  • To promote friendship among students and teachers
  • To support language learning activities
  • To exchange knowledge and cultural understanding
  • To increase awareness about ecosystems and marine issues

Benefits for teachers

  • Flexible, fun and different lesson plans to expand student’s capabilities
  • Opportunity to exchange lesson plans, teaching methods and strategies
  • Increase personal motivation
  • Potential opportunities for teachers to visit their sister schools

Benefits for students

  • Improve literacy skills both, in Indonesian and English
  • Increase problem-solving skills
  • Cross-cultural learning
  •  Opportunities to explore local marine environments

Feedback from teachers in Indonesia and Australia has been extremely positive, with teachers agreeing that they would like to further develop activities with their sister schools. We are currently in discussions with a number of other primary schools, both in Lombok and Australia, who are also interested in developing sister school partnerships.

If you are interested in joining our program and becoming a JARI Sister School, please complete our expression of interest form here and someone will get back to you shortly.