Education and Outreach

At JARI, we believe that education is integral to creating change within the community and our education programs aim to teach communities about their local marine and coastal environments, as well as the importance of its protection.

JARI currently runs two education programs in primary schools across Lombok and West Sumbawa including Laut Sahabat Kita and our Sister School program. Our programs not only give students a theoretical knowledge of their local marine and coastal environments but helps students to understand and see these environments, firsthand, through snorkelling excursions, beach surveys, and educational games.

Laut Sahabat Kita program

Our Laut Sahabat Kita program is aimed at Grade 5 students and introduces the concept of a marine ecosystem across all subject areas including English, Bahasa Indonesia, Science, Mathematics and Art.

Find out more about the Laut Sahabat Kita program by following this link

Sister School program

Our Sister School program helps to build students’ practical and theoretical knowledge of marine monitoring and conservation in a cross-cultural context. Indonesian students work alongside Australian students to share their culture and explore marine science.

Find out more about the Sister School program by following this link