Our Team

JARI is made up of a small but dedicated team of individuals with a passion for the ocean including the protection of our precious marine and coastal environments.

The team comprises a range of varied and complementing specialties across education, conservation, and eco-tourism. JARI believes that only by utilising local knowledge and understanding the direct needs of the community can we begin to create sustainable marine environments.

Taufik Hizbul Haq (Boen)
Founder & Director

Boen’s career began studying Law at Mataram University before realising and pursuing his passion for diving. Boen has worked in the diving industry for over 25 years, as a dive instructor, as well as owning an eco-diving business focusing on eco-tourism and marine research.

Boen is one of the founding partners of JARI, formerly Yayasan Rinjani Bahari, and focuses primarily on government relations and swimming education while also advising on a number of committees including the Lombok Tourism Board.

Hani Nusantari
Founder & Education and Outreach Officer

Hani has always had a passion for marine conservation and was an avid diver and snorkeller from a very young age. She began her undergraduate studies in Marine Science, where she pursued her interest in the research and monitoring of coastal ecosystems.

In 2004, Hani was awarded New Zealand Government scholarship to undertake a Masters of Environmental Education at the University of Waikato in Hamilton. She focused her research on primary school students’ knowledge of marine environments and sustainability. Hani’s research spurred her to develop the Laut Sehabat Kita marine education program, which has been rolled out across numerous primary schools in Lombok.

Hani’s role at JARI focuses on the development and delivery of educational programs in local schools, including a Sister School program with schools in Melbourne, Australia.

Juanita Mandagi

Nita is originally from North Sulawesi and grew up in Jakarta. She has a bachelor degree in Regional Planning. Nita met Boen during Operation Raleigh Expedition in Ambon, Molucca in 1987 and co-founded JARI in 1997.

Nita received the Chevening Award to undertake her masters program in Marine Resources Development and Protection at Herriot-Watt University in Edinburgh, UK. Nita’s career spans across many national and international NGOs, as well as the UN in Indonesia and Asian countries.

Nita is currently based in Jakarta and assists JARI with proposal writing and other activities.

Bahri Rahmad
Field Officer

Bahri has always had a strong passion for sport and in 2002, he was selected by the Lombok Tourism Board as a sports ambassador to promote swimming, snorkelling, scuba diving and other water-based sports. It was through this experience that Bahri developed a strong passion for marine education and conservation.

In 2002, Bahri joined the JARI team as a Field Officer on swimming education and ecotourism projects. Bahri believes that conservation efforts should be balanced with community education, economic development, and environmental awareness so that locals can become the guardians of their environment.


Since 2014, JARI has been a host organisation for numerous Australian volunteering programs including Australian Volunteers for International Development and the Australian Volunteer Program. As part of these programs, JARI has hosted volunteers with specialties in marine education, event management, marketing, and communications.