Lembaga Juang Laut Lestari (JARI) applies a set of value and best practice that guide the JARI’s governance and operations. We would like to ensure that staff, consultants and volunteers comply with all legal requirements and reflect the best practices.

JARI implements a zero tolerance policy to corruption and bribery activities. If any corruption and bribery activities are detected, JARI will take immediate action to follow-up.

JARI implements a child protection policy adapted from the Undang Undang Perlindungan Anak, as well as the Australian Child Protection Policy since we host Australian volunteers.

JARI also implements a social and environmental safeguarding policy. We aim to minimize social and environmental impacts while working alongside with communities.

JARI welcomes all feedback and is committed to ensure that complaints are properly investigated with confidentiality and are resolved appropriately. Please submit any complaints or concerns via our Contact page.