About Us

Juang Laut Lestari (JARI) literally translates to ‘Endeavouring for Sustainable Seas’ and this is at the core of everything we do within the community.

JARI is a locally run marine conservation organisation based in Lombok, Indonesia. With a strong focus on marine education programs, our overarching aim is to improve the condition of Indonesia’s threatened marine ecosystems through education, conservation, research, eco-tourism and, most importantly, working together with local communities.

Endeavouring for sustainable seas

To aid in the conservation of marine and coastal environments, while also increasing the participation of local communities in marine research, conservation and education.

Our model focuses on empowering local communities to understand and manage their local marine resources, while also highlighting the importance of marine conservation to policymakers and big business. We believe in helping communities to realise the value of their marine environments and giving them the tools to manage and protect it.

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